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Today, the goals of treatment for patients with Philadelphia chromosome–positive (Ph+) chronic myeloid leukemia in the chronic phase (CML-CP) have evolved—clinical evidence confirms that faster and deeper reductions of Ph+ CML disease burden, such as major molecular response (MMR) or better, can significantly improve long-term outcomes for patients.1,2,3,4

The information below and accompanying links will help you and your patients to achieve today's optimal treatment goals.

Prescribing GLIVEC (imatinib)

For patients with Ph+ CML-CP, consistent adherence to their GLIVEC regimen and appropriate management of side effects can greatly influence whether they achieve their optimal therapy goals.5,6

Click Prescribing GLIVEC to view recommended dosing and administration instructions and to learn about the management of potential adverse reactions when treating patients with Ph+ CML.

Ongoing Management

International experts recommend frequent molecular monitoring to ensure that patients with Ph+ CML continue to meet optimal treatment goals.1,7

Click Ongoing Management to read expert recommendations about monitoring patients with Ph+ CML-CP for optimal responses.

Learn about TASIGNA® (nilotinib) for patients who develop resistance or intolerance to GLIVEC

If GLIVEC is not working, TASIGNA may help patients with resistance or intolerance achieve their treatment goals.8,9,10

To find out more, click on www.tasigna.com.


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